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Image of Glass Image of Glass

Here is the second photo in a series of two; the other is titled "Brick."

I shot this photo right after shooting "Brick," and it wasn’t until I got to see my film scans that I realized how these images perfectly mirror each other. Even the clouds in each photo seem to blend together across these frames.
The time it takes to receive your film scans back from the lab is perfect for inducing deja vu. It is almost like they wait to scan the images till this tipping point just beyond a fading memory. I have been traveling with only my film photography gear for the last few trips. Shooting film makes me shoot a lot less and I get better at remembering my environment aside from the camera’s viewfinder. Ask any film photographer and they will tell you about the joy of receiving your scans.
Once in a while, those scans reveal correlations like this one. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

These photographed are printed on very high quality paper (10" x 13") with a white matte, non-glare glass and a silver frame (as pictured).